25.08.2018 - Телемост: Радиоград - Нью-Йорк

     Сегодня в 21-00 по МСК состоялся сеанс связи по скайпу между Радиоградом и Нью-Йорком, где на могиле Сэмюэла Морзе на кладбище Грин-Вуд собралась группа американских радиолюбителей.

24.08.2018 - Международный Слет Телеграфистов – 2018

     Продолжая тридцатилетнюю традицию, телеграфный клуб U-QRQ-C имеет честь пригласить всех неравнодушных к CW и коротким волнам на Международный Слет Телеграфистов.

International CW Operators HAMfest - 2018

     Continuing its thirty year old tradition CW club U-QRQ-C has the honor to invite all CW and Shortwave fans to the International CW Operators HAMfest.

Press Release

International CW operators HAMfest – 2018

     Continuing its thirty year old tradition CW club U-QRQ-C has the honor to invite all CW and Shortwave fans  to the International CW operators’ HAMfest.

     HAMfest will be held, as last year, in Radiograd, Moscow region, on August 24 – 27, 2018.
This year the HAMfest will be held with participation and support of:

     * City Sports-Technical Radio Club of Moscow;
     * “Live Villages” project;
     * Museum of the Industrial Culture;
     * QRZ.ru Internet Portal;
     * Kingdom of Bir Tawil
     * Independent international almanac “World of Short Waves”;
     * UARL.com.ua Ukranian Radio Portal;
     * International Amateur Radio Contest DX Club of UNO;

     There is no requirement to operate CW (Morse Code) at QRQ speeds in order to participation in the HAMfest (it is not HST World Championship with participants selection), nor to operate CW at all, though it is highly desirable. It’s enough if you are fascinated with short waves as a whole.

     – Those who want to bring your entire family – you are welcome! Keep in mind, though, that living conditions will be closer to “field-style” than “city living”. So be ready. Regardless, both young participants and XYLs (wives) will have plenty to occupy themselves with.
     – Registration of the participants is already open. So we could arrange everything in time, bring  your country’s flag, participant certificate,  your callsign badge and other “attributes”.
     – Do inform us in advance about your anticipated arrival.

     Participation in the HAMfest is free (no fee).

     Base VHF station under control of Aleksey RA3AKF, will be on standby at 145.500 МГц and 145.580 MHz. 

     Yet main purpose of the HAMfest is not hi-speed Morse code (QRQ) competition, prizes, goldfishes, turkeys and even fireworks.  We come to see each other, to join the circle of friends, to greet one another and to talk one-to-one.

     So, plan your trip to the HAMfest:

  • full time, from 24th to 27th of August 2018;
  • for few days within that period;
  • for one day without overnight stay;
     - Regardless of how long you plan to spend with us  -
     - Everyone will be accommodated
     - Everyone will receive assistance with all matters,
     - Will receive a participant certificate,
     - Will get a badge with your own callsign and
     - Will be fed. No one goes hungry

     For registration information and other matters which may arise, please contact the International coordinator:

Ed, NT2X: e-mail: red@escape.com; USA tel +1-718-891-3535;

01.08.2018 - Предварительные положения CW соревнований

     Публикую положения CW соревнований, которые планируются провести на слёте. Если позволит время то будут проведены все перечисленные ниже соревнования. Если времени не будет хватать, определимся на месте какие из соревнований провести, а какие не проводить (или сделать как показательные выступления одного/двух участников).